We are a company which specialises in engineering, construction, and consultancy, with specialised technicians carrying our projects related to industry.


Cost optimisation




Agreed timelines

At your service since 1990

We are a professional company founded in 1990 by specialised technicians, with more than five years of experience in the sector, as an engineering office designed to meet the demand of companies located in the Barcelona industrial belt.


Our Experience

We started our operations by organising and managing industrial estates via maintenance bodies. This introduction to the industrial area allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the industry’s needs, and to therefore be able to offer a comprehensive service at a high level and in close collaboration with the company. This is why we are based in Santiga Industrial Estate.


Robustness and Specialisation

Our presentation is as a robust company which specialises in carrying out and managing engineering projects and services for businesses, meeting those needs which demand a more specific and complex analysis and assessment.


Inteca, at industry’s service

We encompass everything from consultancy on land purchases to the starting up of its facilities, as well as the drawing up of projects – both building work as well as civil work and installations – finally coming to an end when the company is in possession of all of the various licences and permits which are compulsory for their ongoing operations.


Inteca, at industry’s service