At Inteca we have extensive

experience in establishing industries


Industrial Building

Project Management

Climate control

Expert reports

Special foundations

High and low voltage facilities

Installation of fire protection facilities

Structure calculation

Environmental permits

Industrial Architecture


Establishing industries

Inteca offers your company a service to aid in establishing new industries or expanding one already established.

Our consultancy is on offer right from the beginning – purchasing the land – up until the starting up of the industry, including all the projects which form part of this process.

Industrial equipment installation projects

Deploying new equipment poses a complex problem for industries in terms of adapting the available facilities.

Inteca has extensive experience in the incorporation of large equipment into complex industries, offering:

Projects for special foundations and mountings for machinery.

Electrical facilities: high and low voltage.

Modification and adaptation of structures to the industry's necessities.


Project Managemet

We offer an integration Project Management service in the area of industry, allowing maximum flexibility in terms of industrial hiring, selecting the most suitable for each stage of the job.

The purpose of this service is to achieve the highest quality possible, within the restrictions imposed by three basic Project Management variables:

Quality, execution time, and Expenses

Partnerships with businesses

Inteca provides your company with the experience of its technical team to work together with when drawing up projects, engaging in those parts of the operation which demand highly specialised personnel.  We have expert technicians for:

The Environment.

Energy auditing and certification.

Climate control and Ventilation.

Installation of fire protection facilities.

High and low voltage facilities.

Structure calculations for reinforced concrete, steel, aluminium, or wood.

Shallow and deep foundations, land retention systems.

Industrial Architecture.